Meet Our Team

Our qualified teachers will focus on a variety of skills from grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking making sure that our students are learning and making progress at their own pace. 

Maria Cueva

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My name is Maria Dora, but you can call me Maria, I am a teacher from Peru and I am eager to help you in the exciting experience of learning Spanish. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and I have been working in language teaching for more than 20 years.

I have lived in England for a few years where I started teaching Spanish to students at different levels and ages. This experience helped me to improve my methodology and teaching techniques.

I believe it is essential to understand my students needs and goals in order to personalize the learning process. Whether you want to learn Spanish as a second language or to be able to communicate more effectively, I will make your learning process dynamic and of course successful, besides I will help you to immerse into the Hispanic culture.

¡Hola! My name is Alejandra but my students and friends call me Ale. I am from Peru but I live in Nevada USA with my family since 2018.

I'm passionated about teaching and sports. I'm a dynamic and goal-oriented person and I love to transfer my energy in every lesson and for every student. I teach in a unique, special, creative way, and with the commitment to of giving my best in every detail.

I believe that teaching is an opportunity to leave a mark. Each person learns differently, and to create long-term learning, the perfect formula is emotion + knowledge.
My goal is to inspire you to communicate in my mother language, Spanish!

Alejandra Lapeyre

July Arauco

July Arauco

Hi, my name is July. I’m a Spanish teacher from Peru and I love to help people like you to study Spanish. The best part of my job is to know people from all over the world and share experiences and cultures.

I studied Linguistics at San Marcos University in my country and after five years I went to the Peruvian amazon to teach Spanish to young people in an indigenous community. The years I worked in that school were full of good experiences and great memories. Now some of my students are adults and we still keep in touch which fulfills me with joy.

After teaching in the Peruvian Amazon I moved back to Lima because I felt that I needed more tools and techniques to teach Spanish. So I decided to study advanced Education and when I finished my diploma in Lima I moved to Brazil and started to study Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at Federal de Santa Catarina University in Florianopolis Brazil. Since then I use my working week to study and teach. To be honest I never stop learning from this amazing profession.

I am Yessica Reyes, yes with a “Y”. I am the co-founder of Bee Spanish and a Conversational and Business teacher. I have an MBA, a BS in engineering and a degree in language and methodology techniques.

I have always been passionate about business and education, therefore I have worked in several non-profit organizations teaching children and also I had a wonderful experience teaching business to adults in a Peruvian university.

My main motivation is helping students to learn Spanish in an entertaining and dynamic way according to their needs and motivations and also helping teachers to work in a company that value their skills and experience. I love to travel so I will definitely share my experiences, memories and thoughts about the hispanic world with you. I will give you real insights into the way you can be successful in doing business with Spanish speakers. Let's start!

Yessica Reyes

Spanish Teacher

Patricia Avendaño

Spanish Teacher

Hola! My name is Patricia Avendaño, I a peruvian girl living in the US since I was a child. I am a proud mother, wife and business owner. I served in the United States Marine Corps and earned my Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Psychology.

I love working with people and helping them to persue their dreams. My industry career began in life insurance as the CEO's executive assistant, where I worked closely with the Embassy team on important events, renewal appointments, billing support and more. Personally, interacting with the diplomatic staff, diplomats and heads of missions has been such an invaluable and humbling experience.

Then I became a salesperson and I got involved with my customers day-to-day insurance needs is an exciting transition for me. Educating my clients and helping them with their challenges gives me satisfaction. So I decided to start teaching languages to complement my profesional life. The best part of my job is communicating with people from all around the world and enjoying the diverse cultural experience each student brings along 🌎

I'm bilingual but I can speak 4 languages. I can help you developing your Spanish or English skills from basics with a natural approach focus on conversation and according to your needs.