Lady eating tapas

Learning a new language is always exciting because it opens your mind to a whole new world.  Therefore, learning Spanish will be a life-changing experience and take to you new cultural level. Here, you will find 5 reasons to learn Spanish as a second language.

1. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the World

There are more than 440 million native language Spanish speakers and more than 550 million speakers in total.

Only in the US , there are over 40 million Spanish speakers which make Spanish the second most spoken language in the country. As a fun fact, we can mention that there are more Spanish speakers in the US than in Spain.

2. You will get the most out of your travel experience

There are over 20 exciting countries where the official language is Spanish, such as: Spain, Mexico, Peru or Argentina. If you speak Spanish you will be able to interact with locals, learn much more about the culture rather than only seeing the tourist attractions.

3. It will boost your resume

You will be able to work or study abroad. Living abroad for a long period of time studying or working will let you know the world from a different perspective, get you out of your comfort zone and improve your personal and professional skills.

4. You will have more options to spend your free time

Hispanic culture is amazing, there are movies, literature and different kinds of music to enjoy. Spanish will open the doors to a huge cultural world. And you can also enjoy soap-operas.

5. Meet new people with your same interests

There are a lot of communities who share their interest in learning languages, especially Spanish. For example, Bee Spanish hosts a networking activity once a month, so you can interact with all the students and teachers in an informal way.