Find the best ideas to reach your goal, here.

  1. Meeting new friends with your same interests will help you practice. Join a fan page on Facebook or Instagram and chat with people who have the same interests as you. You can also join conversation clubs that some language schools promote. Getting more conversation practice will force you to think in your target language. Each attempt brings you closer to your goal.
  1. Having fun while learning a language is possible. Watch films or your favorite TV series and shows in your target language, you can even watch them with subtitles at the beginning for a better understanding. This will improve your listening skills but also help you speak with good pronunciation and fluency. The more you listen the better you speak.
  1. Use your technology to keep learning your target language. Switch the language of your phone in order to learn phrases and new vocabulary related to technology. You can also switch the language of your browser so it will force you to type and read your search results in your target language.